Risk Score®

The velocity of emerging trends and new risks impacting every industry, including clubs, is increasing by the day. Amid the changing risks that result, clubs must prepare and develop risk management strategies to respond to the widening range of challenges so they can not only survive but thrive in a very complex and competitive industry. At IOA, we’re dedicated to innovative technology solutions, such as RiskScore®. Our RiskScore solution, developed with leading insurance carriers, gives identifiable touch points for improvements that save our clients thousands of dollars on their premium spend.

This exclusive product helps our team of experts to work with your organization to identify your strengths and opportunities in key risk areas. Through this understanding, we implement industry best practices to eliminate causes of exposure at their core.

For more information, contact Steven Baggett on [email protected].

RiskScore®©is like a credit score for your organization. It includes a brief survey that focuses on four key disciplines. Once the survey is completed, a Dealer Service Team Member will contact you.

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